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  • Kidō Cover, October 1965

    Cover: Kidō, October 1965 Text by the artist: <Cover Artwork > 鄭広文博士書柿葉 鄭虔青竜寺に寓す 貧にして紙無し柿葉を取って書を学ぶ 十月柿葉百実紅いなり Professor Tei Koubun Persimmon Leaf Writing Living for the moment at the Teiken Seiryū Temple, penniless without paper, taking persimmon leaves to practice calligraphy, since it is October much of the persimmon fruit has turned red Note: This is a […]


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Go on the Go Collection: Volume I

Three booklets have been assembled into the collection here.

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Go For Everyone

Go For Everyone

A New Method for Learning to Play the Game of Go

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Journey to the West

This is a semi-autobiographical novel that depicts a unique American success story; a rags to riches tale of a man escaping his humble origins to make millions of dollars, but then he throws it all away due to the ancient character flaw of hubris.

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