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  • A Guide to the Nihon Ki-in [Japanese Go Association]

    "Music, Go, Calligraphy and Painting Illustration" by Kaiho Yusho (1533~1615) Japan Festival Houston, April 13~14, 2019 Visit the website: https://www.houstonjapanfest.org/ The game of go was brought to Japan, along with Buddhism and other cultural advancements, from China in the eighth century. It was eagerly embraced by the upper class and other educated individuals, especially Buddhist […]

  • NHK Special Commemorative Group Go Game (1971)

    NHK Special Commemorative Group Go Game White: Segoe Kensaku, Honorary 9 dan, Rin Kaiho, Meijin, Kodama Sachiko 2 dan Black: Iwamoto Kaoru 9 dan, Ishida Yoshio, Honinbo, Ogawa Tomoko 2 dan Played on November 23, 1971 at the television studio of NHK in Tokyo. Komi: 5 points 261 moves. White wins by 4 points. Analysis […]

  • One of the Great Unknown Players in the History of Go

    Of course the title here is an exaggeration. Cho Hunhyun is an important figure in the history of the game, and there are many players, all around the world, who are familiar with his career. I myself translated and published a book about him, Cho Hunhyun: Life and Master Games. I gave him a copy […]

  • Fighting Techniques for Making Strong Players Cry Out in Agony

    From Kidō, September 1964 By Segoe Kensaku, Honorary 9 dan Segoe Kensaku was one of the major figures in the go world at the beginning of the twentieth century. He worked tirelessly to promote the game and to create a stable atmosphere for it to prosper. He was also a prolific writer and produced classic […]

  • Analysis of Game 1 of the 4th Annual Meijin Title Match

    How to Read Japanese Go Analysis From Kidō, October 1965 This is another challenging example and will probably take quite a while to comprehend entirely. An average Japanese reader who understands go would probably take fifteen minutes to read this page. But hang in there! Everything is broken down into its component parts and obviously […]


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