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  • Good Day. This is Sakata

    こんにちは坂田です。[Konnichi wa, Sakata Desu.] The late Sakata Eio 9 dan (February 15, 1920~October 22, 2010) was one of the greatest go players of all time. His ultra-sharp style led to him being nicknamed Kamisori (the Razor), and enabled him to win a plethora of titles over the course of his career. In 1964, he won […]

  • Honinbo Shusai vs. Sakata (1937)

    Meijin Teaching Game White: Honinbo Shusai Meijin Black: Sakata Eio 2 dan (3-2-3 stone status; 3 stone handicap) Date: July 6~22, 1937 104 moves. Black wins by resignation.   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Sakata’s Explosive Punch

      灯 巌 世 関   火 根 上 雪   明 欲 栄 充   滅 穿 枯 裏   古 深 雲 六   窓 夜 往 十   前 雨 還 年 I must explain that I cannot read the poem above. Few native Japanese readers can, either. I showed it to […]

  • Sakata vs. Rin – 10th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Challenger Final

    10th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Challenger Final White: Sakata Eio 9 dan Black: Rin Kaiho, Meijin Date: December 15~16, 1971 Place: Nihon Ki-in Komi: 5.5 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • A Potpourri of Go Positions

    花咲翁 「棋道」の表紙 横尾森林人 = Kido no Hyoshi = Kido Cover = "Hanasaki Okina" = "Blooming Flower Old Man" The late Abe Yoshiteru 9 dan (September 28, 1941~July 3, 2000) was renowned as a studious player who tried to be present in as many venues as serious games of go were played, either by professionals or […]

  • Shimamura vs. Sakata – 27th Annual Honinbo League

    27th Annual Honinbo League White: Shimamura Toshihiro 9 dan Black: Sakata Eio 9 dan Date: December 1~2, 1971 Place: Nihon Ki-in Komi: 4.5 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Regarding Thickness

    秀格棋話 [Shukaku Kiwa = Honorary name of Takagawa Kaku, based on the House of Honinbo head name of Shu with the suffix of Kaku; Kiwa = Game Talk] 厚みについて [Atsumi ni Tsuite] Regarding Thickness 名誉本因坊高川秀格 [Meiyo Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku] Honorary Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku; by tradition, when a player wins the Honinbo title, that player chooses […]

  • Sakata vs. Takagawa, 2nd Nihon Saikyo League

    2nd Nihon Saikyo League White: Sakata Eio 9 dan Black: Takagawa Shukaku 8 dan Date: January 21,22, 1959 Komi: 0 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Minor Dramatic Moments During Tournament Games

    Artist: Shinrinjin 花 夜 処 春   Flowers Night Place Spring 落 来 処 眠   Fall Comes Place Sleep 和 風 聞 不   Harmony Wind Hear Not 多 雨 啼 覚   Many Rain Chirping Awaken 少 声 鳥 暁   Few Voice Birds Dawn The poem is read from right to left, […]

  • The Unique Talent of Killer Kato

    Sakata and Kato discuss the game. Behind Kato is Abe Yoshiteru. One of the professional go players who sparked the admiration of amateurs everywhere was Kato Masao (November 22, 1947~July 3, 2000). He was so admired because as a youngster in the Kitani Minoru Dojo he got the reputation for being able to kill large […]


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