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  • Everyday Japanese

    Teru-Teru Bozu [Shine-Shine Apprentice Monk] are made by kids to express the desire for clear and dry weather Name any movie that won the Best Picture prize at the Academy Awards over the past twenty years and I have not seen it. Why? Because as is often said, watching films requires the suspension of disbelief, […]

  • Disneyland

    In Japan, Disney is big business. The company is no longer tied to the Disneyland name, but has expanded into the hotel/resort/destination industry. That is only fitting for an operation that has been successful for more than a half a century. And Japan is exactly where to do it. I first went to Disneyland when […]

  • Everyday Go

    The big news in Japan these days is the Coronavirus. Americans on a luxury cruise on the Diamond Princess in the western part of Japan were evacuated to the United States a few days ago in order to deal with this. With the death toll passing 2,000 according to reports from China, it is encouraging […]

  • Championship Level Play

    As usual on Sunday I watched the NHK Cup Tournament game being played in its lightning go format. That means that both players start with 10 minutes on the clock. If they make their moves within a minute, no time is lost. But if they need time to think, they could go through the minute, […]

  • Japanese Television

    Detective Sugishita Ukyo (right) plays chess with a nemesis as his partner (aibo) looks on There are similarities and differences between television in Japan and in America. My first impression when watching television in Japan for the first time in 23 years was that it is in a time warp. I will explain what I […]

  • Down to Business

    Akane at the board Back here in Tokyo, I am once again experiencing the highs and lows of the country. My landlord, an Englishman named Richard, asked me one day, "Are you enjoying the delights of Hachioji?" (I should explain that Hachioji City is a major municipality in the western area of Tokyo. It is […]

  • Living in the Past

    I have been in Long Beach for the past week. I came back from Japan to empty a storage unit of my belongings. I transferred them to another storage unit that I have on the other side of town. As I was going through one of the boxes for dictionaries and reference material, I came […]

  • Simultaneous Translation

    The big story in the news in Japan right now is about Carlos Ghosn, the former chief executive officer of Renault-Nissan, fleeing the country this past December 29. He gave a press conference from Lebanon a little over a week later giving his side of the story. The Japanese government has since presented its own […]

  • Thoughts About the New Year

    Here in Tokyo it is easy to find go everywhere, if you only look for it. Being fluent in Japanese, I buy newspapers frequently. (There are stories in the news on television that cannot be understood without a lot of background information. I am not particularly interested in knowing the facts behind the latest scandals, […]

  • Welcoming in 2020

    Here in Tokyo I do not get much news from America. The Armed Forces Network broadcasts radio programs of interest to the people in the service stationed at the numerous US military bases in Japan. Those programs consist mostly of today’s Top Ten hits, as well as Oldies (Michael Jackson’s "Beat It" is played all […]


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Go on the Go Collection: Volume I

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Go For Everyone

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Journey to the West

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