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  • Focus on Professional Games

    The National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in Washington, D.C. between March 20 and April 14. The most popular place to see the trees are at the Tidal Basin, where visitors flock to sites near the Jefferson Memorial (above), the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Major events include: the […]

  • Rin vs. Kajiwara – 10th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Losers Bracket, 4th Round

    10th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Losers Bracket, 4th Round White: Rin Kaiho, Meijin Black: Kajiwara Takeo 9 dan Played on November 1972 at the Nihon Ki-in. Komi: 5 1/2 points White wins by resignation. Analysis by Abe Yoshiteru 7 dan in Kido, January 1972 Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • A Guide to the Nihon Ki-in [Japanese Go Association]

    "Music, Go, Calligraphy and Painting Illustration" by Kaiho Yusho (1533~1615) Japan Festival Houston, April 13~14, 2019 Visit the website: https://www.houstonjapanfest.org/ The game of go was brought to Japan, along with Buddhism and other cultural advancements, from China in the eighth century. It was eagerly embraced by the upper class and other educated individuals, especially Buddhist […]

  • NHK Special Commemorative Group Go Game (1971)

    NHK Special Commemorative Group Go Game White: Segoe Kensaku, Honorary 9 dan, Rin Kaiho, Meijin, Kodama Sachiko 2 dan Black: Iwamoto Kaoru 9 dan, Ishida Yoshio, Honinbo, Ogawa Tomoko 2 dan Played on November 23, 1971 at the television studio of NHK in Tokyo. Komi: 5 points 261 moves. White wins by 4 points. Analysis […]

  • The Lure of Japanese Go Analysis

    This is the cover of the May 1969 issue of Kido magazine. In the bottom left corner a poem may be seen. These are the kanji (Chinese characters) written there: 活 幾 緑 五 計 年      月 得      加 水 魚      髪 亭 当 人 雨 好 酒 間 加 昼 銭 事 煙 眠 […]

  • Kada vs. Rin – 8th Annual Meijin League

    8th Annual Meijin League White: Kada Katsuji 9 dan Black: Rin Kaiho, Honinbo Date: December 25 & 26, 1968 161 moves. Black wins by resignation.   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Sakata’s Explosive Punch

      灯 巌 世 関   火 根 上 雪   明 欲 栄 充   滅 穿 枯 裏   古 深 雲 六   窓 夜 往 十   前 雨 還 年 I must explain that I cannot read the poem above. Few native Japanese readers can, either. I showed it to […]

  • Sakata vs. Rin – 10th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Challenger Final

    10th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Challenger Final White: Sakata Eio 9 dan Black: Rin Kaiho, Meijin Date: December 15~16, 1971 Place: Nihon Ki-in Komi: 5.5 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • The Contemporary Game of Go

    早乙女や朝澄む小田の水かゝみ 蕪村 Saotome ya sumu oda no mizu kagami Buson Rice planting girl! The mirror of the water of the clear rice paddy Artist: 深林人 Shinrinjin Kido, July 1974 Yosa Buson (与謝蕪村 1719-1783) appeared on the cultural scene (as both a poet and artist) after the great Matsuo Basho (松尾芭蕉 1644-1694) had passed away and […]

  • How to Get Strong at Go: A Personal Approach

    There is a player in my Japanese go club, the South Bay Ki-in, located in the New Gardena Hotel, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247; (310) 327-5757, who has been trying to graduate from the kyu ranks to shodan for several years. He has done everything that he can think of. He goes […]


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