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  • Fifty Years of Popular Fuseki

    Bridge USA Summer Festival to be held July 13~14 in Torrance, California, a suburban section of Southern California. Various musical and stage events are scheduled, there will be booths featuring Japanese merchandise and cultural items, prepared Japanese dishes and a charity bazaar. http://www.bridgeusa.com/page/event Sakata Eio, Honorary Honinbo Looks Back Fifty Years of Popular Fuseki By […]

  • Tongyang Securities Cup Semi-Final, Best-of-Three, Game 1

    How to Read Japanese Go Analysis From Kidō, March 1996 Lee Changho Compared to the material examined in the last several installments of this How to Read Japanese Go Analysis section, the subject matter this time should be a breeze to get through. The material is fairly simple and it is very short. So more […]

  • Classic Kidō Game, Part IV

    From Kidō, January 1979 Classic Kidō Game, Part IV The Promising Student Becomes a Full-Fledged Champion Cho Hunhyun Revolutionizes the Korean World of Baduk In 1972, Cho Hunhyun returned to Korea to fulfill his military service duty in the country of his birth. After being discharged, he immediately set about establishing himself in the world […]

  • 42nd Annual Kuksu Title Match, Game 1

    White: Cho Hunhyun 9 dan Black: Lee Changho, Kuksu Played on October 17, 1998 at Gwangyang Steel Works. Time limit: 4 hours each Komi = 5½ points


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Go on the Go Collection: Volume I

Three booklets have been assembled into the collection here.

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Go For Everyone

Go For Everyone

A New Method for Learning to Play the Game of Go

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Journey to the West

This is a semi-autobiographical novel that depicts a unique American success story; a rags to riches tale of a man escaping his humble origins to make millions of dollars, but then he throws it all away due to the ancient character flaw of hubris.

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