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  • Professional Perception: The Only Move

    Those interested in all aspects of Japan and Japanese culture should be sure to check out the programs broadcast by Fujisankei Communications International, or FCI. www.Fujisankei.com The late Abe Yoshiteru 9 dan (September 28, 1941~July 3, 2000) was renowned as a studious player who tried to be present in as many venues as serious games […]

  • Focus on Professional Games

    The National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in Washington, D.C. between March 20 and April 14. The most popular place to see the trees are at the Tidal Basin, where visitors flock to sites near the Jefferson Memorial (above), the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Major events include: the […]

  • Ohira vs. Kudo – 11th Annual Meijin Tournament, Final Preliminary Round

    11th Annual Meijin Tournament, Final Preliminary Round White: Ohira Shuzo 9 dan Black: Kudo Norio 8 dan Played on November 1972 at the Nihon Ki-in. Komi: 5 1/2 points Black wins by resignation. Analysis by Abe Yoshiteru 7 dan in Kido, January 1972 Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Secrets of Professional Reading Revealed

    By Kudo Norio 8 dan From Kido March 1972 Positions I Agonized Over in this Game Game Progress Figure 1 (1-44) Those interested in replaying the game move by move can click here to do so. Through White 44, this was a masterful display of moving around the board by Fujisawa Shuko, the former Meijin, […]

  • Fujisawa vs. Kudo, 10th Old Meijin League

    10th Old Meijin League White: Fujisawa Hideyuki 9 dan Black: Kudo Norio 8 dan Date: December 27,28, 1971 Komi: 5.0 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • The Big Game: Speaking Frankly

    鳥啼山寂々、雨過樹蒼々 “Birds chirp, the mountains are silent / Rain passes through the thick, green forest” Cover of Kido, July 1978 Artist: Yokoo Shinrinjin In the Meijin league, pursuing Kato Masao, without a loss, are Otake and Kudo, fiercely competing. At the critical point in the tournament, the two met in this game, one that made […]

  • Otake vs. Kudo – 3rd Annual Meijin Tournament

    3rd Annual Meijin Tournament White: Otake Hideo, 9 dan Black: Kudo Norio, Oza Date: May 11, 1978 Place: Nihon Ki-in [Japanese Go Association], Tokyo Komi: 5½ points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • The 5 Dan Challenge Continued

    Photograph courtesy of Doug Cable Since lower ranked go players everywhere aspire to reaching the 5 dan level, perhaps it is worthwhile to explain in detail how I did it myself. Just to recap, here are the minimum requirements: 1) Have a role model. In Japan, that is easy, since there are strong players everywhere […]

  • How to Get Strong at Go, Part 2

    The tale of the mikan that was sliced in half to reveal two wise men playing go seems to fit with the advent of summer. The photograph here shows a netsuke carving illustrating that story. Continuing from last week, here are some more thoughts about how to get strong at go. They are taken from […]

  • The Only Move

    From Kidō, October 1973 The Perception of Professionals The Only Move Kudō Norio 8 dan The key Japanese word in the graphic above reads 感覚 = Kankaku = Perception. This is an important word in go. It relates to how one “feels” about a position. Many strong players recommend playing over professional games on a […]


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