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  • Ten Best Go Proverbs

    The Sanno Festival is held at Hie Shrine in Tokyo from June 7 to 17, draws around 400 participants in Edo-era imperial court costumes for the parade that winds 25 kilometers through the streets of central Tokyo. The parade makes several stops along the way including Imperial Palace Gaien (a large park in front of […]

  • Simple and Clear: Challenging the Takagawa Style Fuseki

    Anyone who wants to follow the Japanese news carefully should watch the broadcasts produced by the Fujisankei Network. https://www.fujisankei.com/ When I started reading go magazines in Japanese, one thing that always puzzled me was how younger professional players were viewed there as future champions. How could they tell? What unique characteristics did they display that […]

  • Kobayashi Koichi 7 Dan Wins with the Magic Sword

    Secret Moves Revealed — Young Players Debate Left to Right: Kato Masao 7 dan, Cho Chikun 6 dan, Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan; in the lower right 光一 = Koichi From Kido, September 1975 The two point high pincer, dubbed the "Magic Sword of Muramasa," is representative of the most difficult of joseki, but Koichi 7 […]

  • Secrets of Professional Reading Revealed

    By Takemiya Masaki 6 dan From Kido February 1972 Positions I Agonized Over in this Game Game Progress Figure 1 (1-30) Those interested in replaying the game move by move can click here to do so. The overly large knight’s move fencing-in move of Black 11 is a ploy I used to initiate immediate sharp […]

  • Kato vs. Takemiya, 27th Honinbo League

    27th Honinbo League White: Kato Masao 7 dan Black: Takemiya Masaki 6 dan Date: December 15, 1971 Komi: 4.5 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • The Unique Talent of Killer Kato

    Sakata and Kato discuss the game. Behind Kato is Abe Yoshiteru. One of the professional go players who sparked the admiration of amateurs everywhere was Kato Masao (November 22, 1947~July 3, 2000). He was so admired because as a youngster in the Kitani Minoru Dojo he got the reputation for being able to kill large […]

  • Sakata vs. Kato, 24th Honinbo League

    24th Honinbo League White: Sakata Eio 10 dan Black: Kato Masao 5 dan Date: March 1969 Komi: 4½ points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • How to Get Strong at Go: A Personal Approach

    There is a player in my Japanese go club, the South Bay Ki-in, located in the New Gardena Hotel, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247; (310) 327-5757, who has been trying to graduate from the kyu ranks to shodan for several years. He has done everything that he can think of. He goes […]

  • Kato vs. Ishii – Oza Tournament 1975, 3rd Preliminary Round

    Oza Tournament, 3rd Preliminary Round White: Kato Masao 8 dan Black: Ishii Kunio 8 dan Date: August 1975 Place: Nihon Ki-in, Ichigaya, Tokyo. Komi: 5½ points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • One Hundred People, One Hundred Ways

    百事大吉 “In Everything, Excellent Luck” Cover of Kido, December 1977 Artist: Shinrinjin The artist’s name, 深林人, means “Deep Forest Person,” which emphasizes the isolation that often comes with creativity. It is ironic that go is a game that embraces all. The artist’s work is always welcome, and all can appreciate it in their own way. […]


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