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  • One of the Great Unknown Players in the History of Go

    Of course the title here is an exaggeration. Cho Hunhyun is an important figure in the history of the game, and there are many players, all around the world, who are familiar with his career. I myself translated and published a book about him, Cho Hunhyun: Life and Master Games. I gave him a copy […]

  • Jimmy Cha

    One thing that I should have explained in regards to go in Los Angeles in the 1970s is the Korean community. The Koreans love to play go and establish clubs wherever they go. And Los Angeles was no exception. However, for many years the Korean go clubs would come and go. The first Korean go […]

  • Keys to Becoming Shodan: Sente and Gote

    Understanding the value of sente and gote is one of the realizations that a player has to come to in order to reach the level of shodan. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this. This is the winning factor in the majority of games played. Weak players most often lose their advantages in […]


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Go on the Go Collection: Volume I

Three booklets have been assembled into the collection here.

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Go For Everyone

Go For Everyone

A New Method for Learning to Play the Game of Go

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Journey to the West

This is a semi-autobiographical novel that depicts a unique American success story; a rags to riches tale of a man escaping his humble origins to make millions of dollars, but then he throws it all away due to the ancient character flaw of hubris.

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