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  • Good Day. This is Sakata

    こんにちは坂田です。[Konnichi wa, Sakata Desu.] The late Sakata Eio 9 dan (February 15, 1920~October 22, 2010) was one of the greatest go players of all time. His ultra-sharp style led to him being nicknamed Kamisori (the Razor), and enabled him to win a plethora of titles over the course of his career. In 1964, he won […]

  • Minor Dramatic Moments During Tournament Games

    Artist: Shinrinjin 花 夜 処 春   Flowers Night Place Spring 落 来 処 眠   Fall Comes Place Sleep 和 風 聞 不   Harmony Wind Hear Not 多 雨 啼 覚   Many Rain Chirping Awaken 少 声 鳥 暁   Few Voice Birds Dawn The poem is read from right to left, […]

  • One Hundred People, One Hundred Ways

    百事大吉 “In Everything, Excellent Luck” Cover of Kido, December 1977 Artist: Shinrinjin The artist’s name, 深林人, means “Deep Forest Person,” which emphasizes the isolation that often comes with creativity. It is ironic that go is a game that embraces all. The artist’s work is always welcome, and all can appreciate it in their own way. […]

  • 10 Dan Tournament, Round 1

    壱岐の海 “The Sea of Iki no Shima Island” Cover of Kido, August 1980 Artist: Mikami Masatoshi From ancient times, culture has been transmitted through Iki no Shima Island, which is part of the Tsushima Island chain… Summer in the Sea of Japan. The sky is beautiful. Kido used to highlight memorable moves or sequences in […]

  • Ishida vs. Takagi – 14th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Round 1

    14th Annual 10 Dan Tournament, Round 1 White: Ishida Yoshio, Honinbo-Meijin Black: Takagi Shoichi 7 dan Date: April 17, 1975 Place: Nihon Ki-in, Ichigaya, Tokyo. Komi: 5½ points Analysis by Ishida Yoshio, Honinbo-Meijin   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Timeless

    微蔭 新林人 “Small Shadow” Shinrinjin (Artist) Cover of Kido, June 1975 I had an unusual experience today. I was paying for a purchase at a store when a song came over the speaker system. I asked the cashier if he knew who the singer was. He listened for a moment, then said that he did […]

  • Specially Selected Game

    さと可しま やまハかすみの まゆひきて ゆうひまはゆき はるのうなハら 新林人 (佐渡が島 山は霞の 黛ひきて 夕日まばゆき 春の海原) “Sado Island Mountain Mist Blue-Black Tinged Setting Sun Dazzling Wide Open Sea in Spring” 新林人 = Shinrinjin (Artist) Cover of Kido, March 1976 The olden Japanese is rendered above and the “translation” into modern Japanese given in parentheses. My translation in English is below […]

  • The High Level Technique Necessary for Advancement to 5 Dan

    Soto-mawari is a technique described here last time. By coming to a realization about what is exactly entailed in utilizing that technique, I was able to reach the 5 dan level. But this is a complex matter, so perhaps readers would be interested in a more detailed explanation of it. Here is how it is […]

  • Ishida vs. Takemiya – 31st Annual Honinbo Title Match, Game 5

    Black: Takemiya Masaki 8 dan White: Ishida Yoshio Honinbo Date: July 15 & 16, 1976 Komi: 5½ points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.  

  • Ishida vs. Kajiwara – 2nd Annual Meijin League

    Black: Kajiwara Takeo 9 dan White: Ishida Yoshio 9 dan Date: March 17, 1977 Komi: 5½ points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.  


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