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  • Good Day. This is Sakata

    こんにちは坂田です。[Konnichi wa, Sakata Desu.] The late Sakata Eio 9 dan (February 15, 1920~October 22, 2010) was one of the greatest go players of all time. His ultra-sharp style led to him being nicknamed Kamisori (the Razor), and enabled him to win a plethora of titles over the course of his career. In 1964, he won […]

  • Honinbo Shusai vs. Sakata (1937)

    Meijin Teaching Game White: Honinbo Shusai Meijin Black: Sakata Eio 2 dan (3-2-3 stone status; 3 stone handicap) Date: July 6~22, 1937 104 moves. Black wins by resignation.   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Twentieth Century Famous Games

    1933: New and Old Guard Confrontation, Honinbo Shusai versus Go Seigen By Ito Keiichi Artwork by Uchiyama Tsutomu From Kido, June 1970 The Problem of the Karigane/Takabe Rise to 8 Dan On February 11, 1933, the promotion of Karigane Junichi and Takabe Dohei of the Kiseisha to 8 dan upon recommendation by the organization was […]

  • Shusai vs. Seigen – 1934

    White: Meijin Honinbo Shusai Black: Go Seigen 5 dan Date: October 16, 1933 through January 29, 1934, conducted over 13 Sessions Place: Kajibashi Ryokan [Japanese inn] Komi: 0   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Classical Go Analysis

    The famous stone garden of Ryo An Ji in Kyoto Despite the title, I hate classical go analysis! This is regardless of the fact that I have studied a great amount of it. In the old monthly magazine Go Review published by the Nihon Ki-in there was a section devoted to classical games in every […]

  • Shusai vs. Karigane (1920)

    White: Honinbo Shusai 9 dan Black: Karigane Junichi 6 dan Date: 1920-05-21~11-28 Komi: 0 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Go History Present and Past

    碁暦今昔 [Go Reki Konjaku] Go History Now/Past 暦 This is a very old word that can also be read koyomi = calendar; 今 can also be read ima = now and is part of the word = kyo = 今日 = "today"; 昔 can also be read mukashi = the past The Incident at Honnoji […]

  • A Different Perspective on the Opening

    漠々水田白鷺飛    横尾深林人 Baku-bakutaru Suiden Shirasagi Tobu A Vast Rice Paddy, White Herons Fly Artist: Yokoo Shinrinjin Cover of Kido, October 1972 I suppose that there are few go players in the West who are familiar with the name of Maeda Nobuaki. This is a shame, because he was an important figure in the history of […]

  • A Masterpiece of Handicap Go

    Honinbo Shusai Meijin From Kido, December 1986 Meijin Tutoring Dojo January 14, 1937 5 Stones: Fujisawa Tamotsu (Shuko) White: Honinbo Shusai Meijin Preface In 5 stone handicap games, the tengen stone has power unrelated to territory. The point is to harness that power. In short, the power must be used effectively to attack. This game […]

  • Honinbo Shusai Meijin vs. Fujisawa Tamotsu (Shuko) – 5 Stone Game

    Meijin Tutoring Dojo White: Honinbo Shusai Meijin Black: Fujisawa Tamotsu (Shuko) with 5 Stones Date: January 14, 1937   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.


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