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  • The Key to Getting Strong at Go

    The Tenjin Festival (天神祭, Tenjin Matsuri) of Osaka is ranked as one of Japan’s top three festivals, along with the Gion Matsuri of Kyoto and the Kanda Matsuri of Tokyo. The festival started in the 10th century and today takes place on July 24 and 25 every year. The main celebrations are held on the […]

  • Fifty Years of Popular Fuseki

    Bridge USA Summer Festival to be held July 13~14 in Torrance, California, a suburban section of Southern California. Various musical and stage events are scheduled, there will be booths featuring Japanese merchandise and cultural items, prepared Japanese dishes and a charity bazaar. http://www.bridgeusa.com/page/event Sakata Eio, Honorary Honinbo Looks Back Fifty Years of Popular Fuseki By […]

  • Fifty Years of Popular Joseki

    By Sakata Eio, Honorary Honinbo The Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival in Fukuoka is celebrated in early July. It is the main festival of the Kushida Shrine and registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. It is said to have originated 800 years ago when an epidemic was raging in Hakata. A monk prayed to end […]

  • Sakata’s Exquisite Move Record

    Japan Day in New York City, Sunday, May 12, 2019 Free admission. Taiko drums, Japanese dance performances, flutes and bands playing, origami and other Japanese cultural exhibitions, and food tents. www.japandaynyc.org/ Recently, I explained here how I visited the late Sakata Eio 9 dan at his condominium in Yokohama in order to obtain the English […]

  • Sakata vs. Fujisawa – 6th Annual Top Position Title Final, Game 1

    6th Annual Top Position Title Final, Game 1 White: Sakata Eio 9 dan Black: Fujisawa Shuko 8 dan Date: December 21, 22, 1960 Place: Fukudaya, Shiba, Tokyo White wins by 1 points. Analysis by Sakata Eio, Nihon Ki-in Champion in Kido, May 1975 Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • Secrets of Professional Reading Revealed

    By Kudo Norio 8 dan From Kido March 1972 Positions I Agonized Over in this Game Game Progress Figure 1 (1-44) Those interested in replaying the game move by move can click here to do so. Through White 44, this was a masterful display of moving around the board by Fujisawa Shuko, the former Meijin, […]

  • Fujisawa vs. Kudo, 10th Old Meijin League

    10th Old Meijin League White: Fujisawa Hideyuki 9 dan Black: Kudo Norio 8 dan Date: December 27,28, 1971 Komi: 5.0 points   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • One Hundred People, One Hundred Ways

    百事大吉 “In Everything, Excellent Luck” Cover of Kido, December 1977 Artist: Shinrinjin The artist’s name, 深林人, means “Deep Forest Person,” which emphasizes the isolation that often comes with creativity. It is ironic that go is a game that embraces all. The artist’s work is always welcome, and all can appreciate it in their own way. […]

  • The Stirring Nature of an Unknown World

    By Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan Writer: Akiyama Kenji From Kido, August 1976 Longing for an Unknown World Kajiwara [Takeo] 9 dan rarely praises anyone, but in relation to Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan things are different. “It seems that he puts intense thought into his moves, I must say. There is still insufficient flexibility in his […]

  • Fujisawa vs. Kobayashi – 2nd Tengen – Round 1

    2nd Tengen – Round 1 White: Fujisawa Hideyuki (Shuko) 9 dan Black: Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan Date: May 20, 1976 Place Nihon Ki-in   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.


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