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  • “Threadbare Political Philosophy”

    Members of the South Bay Ki-in at the New Gardena Hotel, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247; Tel. (310) 327-5757 I had an emotionally shattering experience this past weekend. A dear old friend, with whom I have shared many memorable times, traveled together with all over the world, shared time with family and […]

  • The Hinoki Press

    In 2005, out of the blue I was contacted by Chris Greene of Chicago. Over the next five years we published the following books together: Vital Points and Skillful Finesse for Sabaki (Yoda Norimoto 9 dan) 2005 Takao’s Astute Use of Brute Force (Takao Shinji 9 dan) 2005 Perceiving the Direction of Play (Kobayashi Satoru […]

  • The 5 Dan Challenge Continued

    Photograph courtesy of Doug Cable Since lower ranked go players everywhere aspire to reaching the 5 dan level, perhaps it is worthwhile to explain in detail how I did it myself. Just to recap, here are the minimum requirements: 1) Have a role model. In Japan, that is easy, since there are strong players everywhere […]

  • Learning Japanese

    Photograph courtesy of Doug Cable of a go board in his living room After mastering the basics of the game of go, I was eager to improve. There were many strong go players around town that I wanted to challenge. But to do so, I needed to learn more. As is my wont, I looked […]


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Go on the Go Collection: Volume I

Three booklets have been assembled into the collection here.

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Go For Everyone

Go For Everyone

A New Method for Learning to Play the Game of Go

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Journey to the West

This is a semi-autobiographical novel that depicts a unique American success story; a rags to riches tale of a man escaping his humble origins to make millions of dollars, but then he throws it all away due to the ancient character flaw of hubris.

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