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  • Simple and Clear: Challenging the Takagawa Style Fuseki

    Anyone who wants to follow the Japanese news carefully should watch the broadcasts produced by the Fujisankei Network. https://www.fujisankei.com/ When I started reading go magazines in Japanese, one thing that always puzzled me was how younger professional players were viewed there as future champions. How could they tell? What unique characteristics did they display that […]

  • Good Day. This is Sakata

    こんにちは坂田です。[Konnichi wa, Sakata Desu.] The late Sakata Eio 9 dan (February 15, 1920~October 22, 2010) was one of the greatest go players of all time. His ultra-sharp style led to him being nicknamed Kamisori (the Razor), and enabled him to win a plethora of titles over the course of his career. In 1964, he won […]

  • Kobayashi Koichi 7 Dan Wins with the Magic Sword

    Secret Moves Revealed — Young Players Debate Left to Right: Kato Masao 7 dan, Cho Chikun 6 dan, Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan; in the lower right 光一 = Koichi From Kido, September 1975 The two point high pincer, dubbed the "Magic Sword of Muramasa," is representative of the most difficult of joseki, but Koichi 7 […]

  • Secret Moves Revealed — Young Players Debate

    The Timely Deployment of a Ploy Left to Right: Cho Chikun 6 dan, Haruyama Isamu 7 dan, Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan; in the lower right 仕掛 = Shi-Kake = Ploy From Kido, June 1975 An ambush (?) in the Meijin League of Otake Hideo 9 dan by Kada Katsuji 9 dan, landed him in the […]

  • Young Lions of the Past

    From the March 1974 issue of Kidō magazine What kind of feeling is conveyed by the images here? Any idea what they represent? Or how they fit into the pages of the magazine they were printed in? To answer the last question first, they are taken from an ad for Pioneer audio systems! Most of […]

  • Sakai vs. Cho – Young Powers Five Player Knock-Out Tournament

    Young Powers Five Player Knock-Out Tournament White: Cho Chikun 6 dan Black: Sakai Takeakira 7 dan Date: January 1974 Place: Nihon Ki-in, Ichigaya, Tokyo. Komi: 5½ points Time limit: 2 hours each   Please enable JavaScript to view this game.

  • The Big Game: Frankly Speaking

    Yomiuri Newspaper Ad Back Cover of Kido, October 1978 Artist: 石山弘 Ishiyama Hiro Intense competition among newspapers in Japan led to the Asahi Newspaper outbidding the Yomiuri Newspaper for the rights to the Meijin title in 1975. Consequently, the Yomiuri launched the Kisei title in 1976 as the most prestigious in terms of the cash […]

  • Timeless

    微蔭 新林人 “Small Shadow” Shinrinjin (Artist) Cover of Kido, June 1975 I had an unusual experience today. I was paying for a purchase at a store when a song came over the speaker system. I asked the cashier if he knew who the singer was. He listened for a moment, then said that he did […]

  • Secret Moves Revealed: Young Professional Players Debate

    Here is the original first page of the following article, showing the format. In the photograph, Kato is on the left, Cho in the middle and Kobayashi on the right. Note that they all belonged to the Kitani Dojo and often analyzed positions like this together. Kido magazine thought that readers might like to sit […]

  • The Stirring Nature of an Unknown World

    By Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan Writer: Akiyama Kenji From Kido, August 1976 Longing for an Unknown World Kajiwara [Takeo] 9 dan rarely praises anyone, but in relation to Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan things are different. “It seems that he puts intense thought into his moves, I must say. There is still insufficient flexibility in his […]


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