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Yesterday and Today… And Tomorrow

The material in this month’s (September 2011) GoWizardry.com website is near and dear to my heart. As usual, the technical material is taken from back issues of Kido. The feature article, detailing a handicap game played by Michael Redmond with Kobayashi Chizu, Women’s Honinbo, comes from the September 1977 issue. I met both Chizu and Michael the previous summer. I was an amateur 2 dan and I played a two stone handicap game with Michael, who was 4 dan at the time. Those encounters led me to become more committed to getting stronger at go, and when Michael went to Japan for a visit, I also became more interested in studying Japanese.

The first Japanese go articles that I translated and published came from that September 1977 issue of Kido. They reported on the games that Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen won against Cho Chikun, Oza to take the 2nd Annual Shinjin-O Title.


Here is the frontispiece photograph of Kobayashi in that issue. He looks even younger here than his 25 years. But one can see the intense concentration that he brought to this title match. In the years to come he would win many more titles and become one of the finest players in go history, but at that time he almost seemed like a child.

The photograph of Michael Redmond that accompanies the feature game this month is quite similar. Michael looks very young and he concentrates intensely as he plays that game against Chizu.

Finally, this month GoWizardry.com also offers a short biographical article about Yamashita Keigo after he had won the 23rd Annual Shinjin-O Title. One discerns the same youthfulness and intensity there.

All of these players represent what is best about the game of go. Brilliance and dedication, intensity and courtesy. The models that they offer are worthy of emulation and it is important that this aspect of go be passed on to others who have an interest in the game. This too is one of the purposes of this website. Other websites and magazines sometimes get too caught up in the technical side of go and neglect the human part of it. That is regrettable.

All of these factors make up that element of go that can be characterized as “culture.” Japan has cultivated this for centuries, considering it essential to civilization. The cover artwork from that September 1977 issue of Kido that is shown this month on GoWizardry.com specifically makes reference to the reflective and meditative side of civilized life. And go is assumed to be intrinsic to it.

It is important to the world of the future that these values be communicated to others, and GoWizardry.com is committed to doing so.

Robert J. Terry

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  1. I wanted to let you know you wrote a great article.

  2. A friend sent me the link to this site and I must say it’s AWESOME!

  3. George Fania says:

    Wow. great post, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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