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About Mark E. Lass

Mark learned go from Mr. Ishikawa back in 1984. He went to the first Go Congress in 1985 and had a blast.

He is a professional computer programmer. Mark and Robert have published a number of eBooks on go.

2 Responses to “About Mark E. Lass”

  1. Larry Holmgren says:

    Mark, I searched the blog postings back to March 2013. I am looking for the Cypress, CA Go club that Bob Terry mentioned.
    He does not have the particulars on the day, time and address.
    Do you have that information?

    I would like to visit them and post the information on our Meetup.com website.
    Thank you.

    • Larry H says:

      The Cerritos-Artesia Go club is closed. I went to the address. another business is there. No info on the people who went there nor their “president”. Gary Choi at the L.A. Go club, last summer 2015, had no info.

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