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About Robert J. Terry

Robert J. Terry

Robert J. Terry is a professional Japanese interpreter/translator and writer with more than twenty-five years experience. He has also had more than forty books published.

Earlier in his career, as an associate with Aero Industries, Inc., he helped to obtain Federal Aviation Administration certification of the Embraer Bandeirante 20 passenger propjet aircraft and then in its promotion and marketing. This eventually resulted in worldwide sales of more than half a billion dollars. That launched Embraer, the national aircraft manufacturer of Brazil, as a major presence in the industry, today second only to Boeing and Airbus. Embraer is now engaged in a joint venture with the government of China to manufacture jet airliners.

In regards to Japanese translation, he was part of the team that produced research and analysis for Kodak’s antitrust action against Fuji Film in the World Court. He has also translated official material for the State of California and the City of Los Angeles, as well as major international law firms such as Jones Day.

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  1. Stan Pawlowski says:

    Hello Mr Terry.

    I had tried to email you before but the hotmail.com on your card did not work. Please give me a call when you have some time.

    Stan Pawlowski
    SKI Sculpture Studios
    562 433-9999

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