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Why GoWizardry?

The purpose of this website is to promote the game of go, but another aim that follows close behind is “culture.” Japan has developed a wide range of the many facets of go for more than 500 years and deserves recognition for this. This is not just in appreciation, but because doing so enhances one’s own perceptions and broadens one’s views of the world. The use of the Japanese language is showcased here in a number of manners for a similar reason. And this can be valuable in unexpected ways as well.

In the Book Review section this time, I write about speaking to a radio talk show host who argued for slapping tariffs on imports of Japanese goods because the imbalance of trade was harming the United States. I started by saying that this was an ineffective way to deal with the situation. A better way was to emulate a public relations firm where I was employed as a consultant. This corporation introduces Japanese companies and new products to the American market. The result is tens of millions of dollars of capital investment here. All of it coming from Japan. And this is only possible because we all speak Japanese. We work together for our mutual benefit, being able to do so because we understand the nuances of each other’s culture. More Americans should adopt this course of action.

The host cut me off and started ranting about unfair trade practices and how Japanese deviousness was to blame. I parried each of his arguments, making him increasingly frustrated. However, this is not the point. As he was about to lose control, I said, “Just one last thing: the United States has 5% of the population of the world, but consumes 25% of its resources. It is natural for the rest of the world to try to gain access to some of that.” “They can try!” he bellowed as he abruptly dropped my call off the line.

I have not listened to his radio program since then. The rupture in communication could hardly have been beneficial to him. It displayed a failure to understand the viewpoint of another culture. In a global community there is an urgent need for greater cultural awareness, not less.

Go offers a means of reaching out to the Japanese culture in a basic way that can be entertaining, exciting and culturally enhancing. The Japanese have also invested substantial financial resources in spreading the game all over the world. Perhaps we can all learn something from that, too.

Robert J. Terry

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  1. I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! 🙂

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