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Why Go Wizardry?

I have always wanted a go website whose content was closer to Go World and Kido. When I started working with Robert Terry on an electronic book project, I had no idea how my life would change. During our correspondence, he asked if I would be interested in working on a go website that was more than just a collection of game records. We tossed some ideas around and we have come up with something unique. My job in this website is on the technical side. I do the web page publishing and diagrams. Robert picks the content and does the translation.

I learned go from Mr. Ishikawa back in 1984. I went to the first Go Congress in 1985 and had a blast. While there are many more go books in English today than when I was starting, there is so much more go knowledge that has not been translated. Go Wizardry has started to fill that gap. Our format allows for easy consumption of knowledge on many aspects of go.

I would love to know what you think.

Mark E. Lass

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  1. Great post. Thanks a lot.

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