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New Go Book Published!

This week, I published a new go book entitled, “Go on the Go Collection: Volume 1” and containing three brief works by famous authors. Those are “Essential Stones and Exquisite Sabaki” by Fujisawa Shuko, “Winning Midair Battles” by Awaji Shuzo 9 dan and “Real Professional Find the Next Move” by O Meien 9 dan.

Here is a summary of the subject matter of these works:

“Essential Stones and Exquisite Sabaki”: As one of the greatest players of all time, Fujisawa’s insights were always memorable. This small gem is no different. In his inimical way, Fujisawa brings the focus of his genius down to a level that almost everyone can understand.

“Winning Midair Battles”: Awaji Shuzo 9 dan deals with fighting in the center of the board. The author, famous for “Awaji’s Aphorisms” in The Heart of Go, Discovery Series, presents positions from famous games where decisive results came from skillful maneuvering in the middle of go boards. Every player will learn a lot here.

“Real Professional Find the Next Move”: O Meien 9 dan presents two games by this former Honinbo. At critical points in the game, the reader is asked to choose the next move. Often that is in an “A, B or C” format, along with a written clue. Despite that, the board positions are surprisingly demanding and take much concentration to solve.


The diverse nature of this collection means that there is something for everyone, while also exposing the reader to a variety of perspectives. The reader is treated to hours of entertainment.

This is a digital book available from Amazon.com in the Kindle format. The whole purpose of this new publishing venture is to cater to busy players who are “on the go” already. With the collection here, access through electronic devices makes sophisticated go material available virtually anywhere.

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4 Responses to “New Go Book Published!”

  1. Larry Holmgren says:

    I went to Amazon.com
    Neither title was listed:

    Go on the Go Collection: Volume 1
    Go on the Go Collection

  2. Larry Holmgren says:

    Can you include a link to the book on Amazon?

  3. Larry Holmgren says:

    By the way, the book on the upper right of your first page,Imagination of a Go Master, Logic Shattering Cosmic Go Ring-bound – Student Calendar, 2004
    by Takemiya Masaki (Author),‎ Leslie Bianchi (Editor),‎ Robert j. Terry (Translator), is listed as UNAVAILABLE on Amazon.com.

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