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Three Second Life & Death Problems

Composed by Fukui Masaaki 8 dan

This small booklet is a collection of problems published as “Three Second Life & Death Problems” in Kidō magazine. Even though three seconds is stipulated, that does not mean that the problems are to be solved in three seconds, just that the intention is to have the first move in the solution discovered in three seconds. I have created the problems with the desire to cultivate that direct, intuitive power in all of the readers.

Consequently, if the first move that the reader comes up with is correct, then please think, “Great!” It is quite all right not to worry about things such as attendant variations. Taking time afterward to carefully think everything through is fine.

With that intention, please wrestle with these problems.

Black to Play in all problems.

A supplementary booklet published in Kidō, December 1998

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