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Takagi Shōichi 9 dan


Born November 7, 1943 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Became insei in 1955. Student of Nakagawa Shinji 7 dan. Professional 1 dan 1962; 2 dan 1962; 3 dan 1963; 4 dan 1964; 5 dan 1966; 6 dan 1969; 7 dan 1971; 8 dan 1977; 9 dan 1981.

First major title: Winner Prime Minister’s Cup twice, Shin-ei Tournament once. Challenger 11th 10 Dan Title, 1973. Winner NHK Cup twice. Participant Meijin League three times, Honinbo League four times. Participated in both leagues simultaneously in 1984. Winner of Kidō magazine "Highest Winning Percentage", "Most Wins", "Most Consecutive Wins" and "Technical Merit" awards once each. 1999 record: 20 wins, 13 losses.

Affiliation: Nihon Kiin. Lives in Yokohama, Kanagawa.

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