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Kidō Cover, July 1978


Calligraphy by the artist:

Tori wa naite yama sekiseki ame wa ju wo yogite sōsō tari

These days vegetables seem to be popular among young people. More so than whether they eat them or not, the fields, the mountains, the rivers, in other words everything filled with nature, is the important thing, is it not?


The text reads: Birds cry (with tears) amidst lonely mountains; Vivid greenery of trees soaking with rain

This is the text, which may or may not have classical origins, but typical readers of Kidō just glanced at the covers as they came in with the mail. Little thought was given to these vignettes. Perhaps there was a deep significance to these words or perhaps the artist had a fanciful inspiration. Whatever, the cover was designed to be a pleasure in itself.

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