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Kidō Cover, June 1990

Cover: Kidō, June 1990


Explanation of the artist, Yamamoto Masao

In the Edo Period [1600-1868], on June 15 the Sannō Matsuri [Mountain King Festival; the kanji for “sannō” may be seen in the lower left of the picture] was held (in what is now Chiyoda Ward, Tōkyō), and since they were accompanying the emperor who would be in attendance, to the sound of ringing shouts, the dashi float [decorated with elaborate pictures, brocade and other embellishments/mikoshi (portable shrine)] would be directed into Edo Castle. For Edokko [native born citizens of Edo] this was their pride and joy, the greatest matsuri [festival] of all.



Note: Here is the entry for “Dashi” in the Kōjien encyclopedic dictionary.

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