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Here is another short article that may be used as material for teaching beginners, this time from the Winter 1995 issue of the American Go Extra. These days everyone has access to computers and the go programs available for them have become quite sophisticated. Those wishing to learn the game without wishing to trouble anyone should take advantage of this.


In the game shown here, had the player holding Black been a human being, it would have been a quite a credible showing for a human being. The continuation was not given and there is a possibility that there were catastrophic mistakes made later to spoil it, but at this point Black is far ahead.

Beginners might also be encouraged to play games against computer programs and show them to stronger players for analysis and advice. Or when they play against opponents, they can record the games for critique later. Those games will also be interesting later on as measurements of progress.

It takes a great deal of effort to get strong at go. One should take advantage of everything at one’s disposal that might help.

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