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It is important to reach out to beginners in order to promote the game of go as widely as possible. One way to do so is to introduce visiting professional players to members of one’s circle. I was lucky to meet Haruyama Isamu 7 dan in 1972 when he was touring the United States as part of a promotional delegation sent by the Nihon Ki-in. He gave a simultaneous demonstration in which I took part. As a 2 kyū player, I was told to put eight stones down on the board as a handicap. Haruyama was gracious and resigned just after the end of the middlegame was over. Now I am sure that he could have won if he wished, but that was not important to him. And the whole event remains as a wonderful memory for me.


The late Abe Yoshiteru 9 dan was another professional player who loved the game and played often with amateurs to share that love. In 1995 he visited Los Angeles and gave several simultaneous demonstrations. He was ready to take on all comers for hours at a time. One more in a long line of great memories for me and the other members of my club. Abe is shown on the cover of The American Go Extra above, on the right. All players who teach beginners are urged to bring them to such events. Professional players periodically visit the West, and everyone should take the opportunity to get to know them. What should be the topic of conversation? In that same issue of the AGE, I published a translation of a column of Abe’s in which he answered amateurs’ questions. That is shown below, and should give a hint as to the kind of questions that might be directed towards visiting professional players.


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