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And Now for Something Completely Different

From Kidō, July 1973

And Now for Something Completely Different



Here is a cartoon published in a European magazine. An exact translation would be, “These are enjoyable drinks, aren’t they?” That is the caption, but we do not understand what it means.

The above is a translation of the Japanese text accompanying the above cartoon. It shows that however skilled Japanese may appear to be in regards to the English language, sometimes they just don’t get it.

At the end of July, Suzuki Ichirō, the left fielder of the Seattle Mariners, was traded to the New York Yankees. He was in a slump so the club thought that they had better trade him for maximum value before his skills deteriorated further.

But New York was glad to have him. The headline on the back page of the irrepressible Daily News was “Ich Your Heart Out”. “Ichirō” is pronounced EE-CHEE-ROH, so the pun in the headline meant “Eat Your Heart Out,” gloating over the fact that New York has once again snagged a major talent to add to the Yankees’ powerful line-up.

However, on the Japanese news, that headline was translated as “Itch Your Heart Out”! These are professional newscasters, with decades of experience working in New York. And yet they constantly make mistakes like this. It makes one scratch one’s head in wonder.

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