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Gō Sensei

From Kidō, November 1977

Gō Sensei

By Akiyoshi Kaoru


First panel: Click! [Note: “Pachitto” is the origin of the word here. It indicates a slapping sound.]

Second panel: The man says: “Don’t touch!” [Note: “Ijacha ikan” = “Ijitte shimatta ikan” = “Touching or messing around with — from ‘ijiru’ — is no good.”] Gō Sensei says: “What’s this?!” [Note: “Koraa” comes from “Kore wa,” meaning “My goodness!”]

Third panel: Man: “You’re being a brat. Go away.” [Note: “Jama daa” means “Is interference” and “Atchi e ikea” = “Achira e ike wa” means “Go over there.”] Kid: “I don’t want to.” [Note: “Yadai” = “Iya da” means “It’s unpleasant and unwelcome.”]

Akiyoshi Kaoru (1912-1989) had to leave high school and convalesce at home for two years due to contracting tuberculosis. He whiled away the time drawing cartoons and sent them to a magazine. That was his first step as a manga [cartoon] artist. From 1949 to 1973 he drew the four panel cartoon, “Gō Sensei,” which was published in the Yomiuri Shinbun, the newspaper with the largest circulation in Japan.

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