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Edo Town Go Club

From Kidō, January 1975

Edo Town Go Club

Written and drawn by Tani Ikuo


Man in striped robe: Everybod—-y! [The end of the word is drawn out to indicate that the man is trying to attract attention.] Did you hear? Aaah?!

[The man’s words here and as he goes on to speak, are typical of Japanese melodramas with pre-modern settings.]

What about it? This guy’s attitude!!



Man in striped robe: Huh!? Are these the words of a human being! Is this a living creature with red blood running in his veins!!

Everybody! I hate to say anything, but just on this one occasion let me speak my mind.

On my part, I have looked after this guy quite a lot…!!


Man in striped robe: Look at what happened a little while ago when there was the big fire at Hatchōbori!!

FX: (Sound of arm sweeping through the air.)

Man in striped robe (off stage): This guy came uninvited to my place with just the shirt on his back…

The guy’s place, his tenement was burned to the ground with nothing saved.

Man in striped robe (with tears in his eyes): Aaaah. As for that, I’m also the child of human beings, a child of Edo, well…

FX: Sniffle


Man in striped robe (with palms turned upwards): In times of trouble, we have to help each other. [Very common proverbial expression: Komatte iru toki ya otagai-sama. Note: “ya” is dialect for “wa.”]

What’s more, this is no ordinary guy that I can ignore. He’s my brother-in-law, with sacred ties!

I couldn’t leave him exposed in the fields under the winter sky. Well, come on in…


Man in striped robe (from rear, with arms outstretched): And about that… My poor place. These are hard times and it’s not easy to make a living…!

But forget about that! For once, when I see someone suffering [komatte iru; see the How to Read Japanese Go Analysis section where this expression is explained]… for instance, even if I have to go without eating myself…


Man in striped robe (with tear in eye): What do you think about that…


Man in striped robe (pointing, with eyes popping): That’s the kind of man I am! That’s the helping hand I held out, and for the first time in my life [I am seeing such kindness betrayed]! And despite your begging me, saying it was a once in a lifetime request.

With not even a nod of the head, that’s what you do, you bum!! You!!

Man (screaming): Devil! Devil!!


Old man (entering room): Hey, hey, Kuma san. Are you at it again? What is it this time?

FX: (Sound of door sliding open quickly)


Man seated at board: He stuck his stones into atari, so I took them…

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