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Topic: New Game Record



Wadai Shinpu

Topic New Game Record


Ōya Kōichi no kono go ni chūmoku

Ōya Kōichi’s this game on focus


Dai nijū-ni ki meijin-sen riigu

22nd Annual Meijin Tournament League

白 片岡聡 九段

Shiro Kataoka Satoshi kudan

White: Kataoka Satoshi 9 dan

黒 小林光一 九段

Kuro Kobayashi Kōichi kudan

Black: Kobayashi Kōichi 9 dan


<Dai ippu>

<Number 1 Game Record>


Shiro jūyon to kamaeta tokoro kara kuro jūgo to te wo tsuke in iki, kuro sanjūgo made to natta katachi wa kuro ni fuman wa nai darō.


Topic [being discussed]: New Game Record

Ōya Kōichi’s This Game On Focus [is being attracted now]

22nd Annual Meijin Tournament League

White: Kataoka Satoshi 9 dan

Black: Kobayashi Kōichi 9 dan

<Figure 1> After White has built up [kamaeta tokoro] the position with 14, Black plays the move at 15 to get some action going here, and the shape that results through Black 35 is probably [or surely] not dissatisfactory for Black.

Note: Black 15 to te wo tsuke is idiomatic. The verb “tsukeru” has multiple meanings, but basically it indicates that something is attached to something else. Or stuck on to something. Or spread on something, like butter on bread or plaster on a wall. But it also means “to switch on a light” or “light a fire.”

So the meaning in this sentence is that “Black puts the move of 15 on the point here to create the possibility of using the stone to create profitable activity in this area [which White has just built up].

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