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45 Three Move Life and Death Problems

By Fukui Masaaki 8 dan

Kido, October 1989


White to Play

White 1 and 3 leave Black in distress.

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45 Three Move Life and Death Problems

By Fukui Masaaki 8 dan

Life and death problems are most suitable for developing reading skills that are necessary for actual game play. They are solved within the mind according to one’s playing strength without laying them out on a go board. Rather than difficult problems that require much time to solve, I believe that digesting a multitude of easy problems is a study method that facilitates the goal of getting stronger.

Life and death problems that are solved with three moves are presented here. They may not be appropriately challenging for some players who read this magazine, but solving all of them correctly is nonetheless no simple task.

All of the problems are in the format of White to Play, Black to Die. Please savor the opportunity to torment Black in the guise of playing White in a handicap game.

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