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Build Fighting Strength Life & Death Problems

Composed by Tei Meiko 9 dan

Autumn has finally come, you know.

Autumn is for reading [proverbial in Japanese = 読書の秋 = dokusho no aki], and since it is fitting, here I am presenting a gift to everyone: advice on how to get strong at go. Studying life and death problems. That is it.

That is because in actual games, the best way to display one’s strength is in regards to the life and death of stones, you know. If one regularly studies life and death problems, it will absolutely play an effective role in fighting. What is more, that is strength that can be brought immediately to bear in one’s games.

One is able to study alone, and a clear result is always shown.

Please study my life and death problems and steadily build up your strength.

A supplement booklet to Kido October 1998

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