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  • Stilwell and the American Experience in China

    1911-1945 By Barbara W. Tuchman On April 18 of this year an aged group of veteran airmen met to celebrate the 71st anniversary of an event in World War II that captured the attention of the world. Colonel James H. Doolittle led a force of sixteen U.S. Army B-25 bombers on a daring raid of […]

  • Tokyo for Free

    Book Review Tokyo for Free By Susan Pompian Tōkyō is one of the great walking cities in the world. It is a shame that so many people take tours that keep them hermetically separated from the vibrancy and life of the city and see only the commercialized tourist traps. There is so much to be […]

  • The Coldest Winter

    Book Review The Coldest Winter America and the Korean War By David Halberstam Korea has been in the news frequently in the past few weeks as Kim Jong-eun tries to consolidate his hold on power in the north. His father ruthlessly used terror and intimidation to enforce his control, but his son is so young […]

  • People Who Eat Darkness

    Book Review People Who Eat Darkness The True Story of a Young Woman Who Vanished from the Streets of Tokyo—And the Evil that Swallowed Her Up By Richard Lloyd Parry Japan has such a civil and well-ordered society that when one comes across horrible stories of crimes and the victims there it can be very […]

  • The Rape of Nanking

    Book Review The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II By Iris Chang Several years ago a business acquaintance came to me with an idea: organizing Formula One racing in Hawaii. At that time, I happened to be working with Mitsubishi Corporation a lot and I was asked whether the company would […]

  • The House of Nomura

    The Inside Story of the Legendary Japanese Financial Dynasty By Albert J. Alletzhauser One of the biggest hurdles that countries face in modernizing is in developing a financial system that meets the needs of disparate factions in the nation. The government needs a stable currency that circulates without problems, business requires financing for cash flow […]

  • The Emergence of the World’s Greatest City

    Book Review Tokyo from Edo to Showa 1867-1989 The Emergence of the World’s Greatest City TWO VOLUMES IN ONE Low City, High City and Tokyo Rising By Edward Seidensticker Do the years 1868, 1923 and 1964 have any significance for you? How about the years 1776, 2001 and 1984? For Japanese, the first group of […]

  • Shutting Out the Sun

    How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation By Michael Zielenziger For those people who love Japan and have wondered how an economic and industrial system that was second only to that of the United States in the 1980s could have collapsed into stagnation and sociological malaise, Shutting Out the Sun offers a persuasive, if somewhat […]

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Japan

    Book Review The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Japan By Will Ferguson Most people who dream of going to Japan only consider visiting the big cities like Tōkyō, Ōsaka or Nagoya. However, those are just the cities that the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Japan warns that one should avoid at all costs! Will Ferguson, has […]

  • Daily Life In Early Modern Japan

    Book Review Daily Life In Early Modern Japan By Louis G. Perez In the past ten years it is remarkable how sophisticated the material concerning Japan has become. Previously, it was disheartening to see how many misconceptions about the country and its culture were disseminated. It was reminiscent of that benighted time years ago when […]


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