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  • A Million Players’ Tesuji–Problem 1

    Problems Composed by Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen Black to Play Here, Black would like to use the two stones to effectively develop outside influence. In what way can the shape be fixed to accomplish that? Problem 1 Hint The knight’s move of Black 1 is one possible line of play, but White will solidly and securely […]

  • A Million Players’ Tesuji–Problem 2

    Problems Composed by Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen Black to Play A hint has been taken from classical go games for this problem. White has just pressed against Black’s stones with the move at 1. Please show the continuation that would be best for Black to adopt.

  • A Million Players’ Tesuji–Problem 3

    Problems Composed by Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen White to Play In response to White’s attachment of 1, Black makes the diagonal attachment of 2. After this, White has a profitable way of playing for the endgame. Problem 3 Hint After White descends at 1, the sequence through Black 8 is obvious. This kind of humdrum play […]

  • A Million Players’ Tesuji–Problem 4

    Problems Composed by Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen Black to Play This is the kind of shape that is often seen in actual play. With Black to play, what kind of method is available against the corner?

  • A Million Players’ Tesuji–Problem 5

    Problems Composed by Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen Problem 5 = Black to Play White has just made the extension of 1. What is the correct way for Black to respond? In addition, what happens if Black ignores White’s move to play elsewhere?

  • A Million Players’ Tesuji–Problem 6

    Problems Composed by Kobayashi Koichi, Tengen White to Play What kind of moves are possible inside Black’s position? White has to come up with an effective ploy. Problem 6 Hint Starting by pushing in with White 1, the sequence to White 9 separates Black’s two stones, but this is no good.

  • How Should One Play Here?

    From Kidō, September 1980 ●100 People 100 Ways● How Should One Play Here? Reported by Akiyama Kenji That place, this board position, professional players take great pains over finding the absolutely best move to play. Casting the spotlight on the opening, with its contrast between conceptions, we ask them what the essential next move is […]

  • Attack and Survival

    From Kidō, January 1974 Middlegame Instruction Attack and Survival By Ōhira Shūzō 9 dan The great attraction in actual games is to be found in attacking and managing to survive. How do professional players attack and how do they engineer survival for their stones? The master of fighting play, Ōhira 9 dan, reveals the painstaking […]

  • The Method for Discovering Effective Lines of Play [Suji]

    From Kidō, July 1998 The Method for Discovering Effective Lines of Play [Suji] This is What the Different is With Players Who Become Strong By Kojima Takaho Theme Diagram 1 Black to Play There is a cutting point at A, but trying to exploit it directly does not work. What must be done is to […]

  • I Think This Way

    From Kidō, March 1967 I Think This Way High dan players’ techniques that surpass amateurs’ common sense! What strategy is hidden there? By Fujisawa Shūkō 9 dan A Ploy in the Fuseki (Figure 1) Honinbo League (Black) Yamabe Toshirō (White) Fujisawa Shūkō The way of playing with White 2 on the 3-3 point and then […]


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