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  • “Thoughts” About the Game

    [犬も歩けば = Inu mo arukeba = Dog even goes walking; this is actually short for: 犬も歩けば棒に当たる = Inu mo arukeba bo ni ataru = Dog even goes walking bar into contact; the meaning is: If a dog goes walking, it will find a bone; however, “bo ni ataru” literally means “come in contact with a […]

  • Classical Go Analysis

    The famous stone garden of Ryo An Ji in Kyoto Despite the title, I hate classical go analysis! This is regardless of the fact that I have studied a great amount of it. In the old monthly magazine Go Review published by the Nihon Ki-in there was a section devoted to classical games in every […]

  • Go History Present and Past

    碁暦今昔 [Go Reki Konjaku] Go History Now/Past 暦 This is a very old word that can also be read koyomi = calendar; 今 can also be read ima = now and is part of the word = kyo = 今日 = "today"; 昔 can also be read mukashi = the past The Incident at Honnoji […]

  • Secret Moves Revealed — Young Players Debate

    The Timely Deployment of a Ploy Left to Right: Cho Chikun 6 dan, Haruyama Isamu 7 dan, Kobayashi Koichi 7 dan; in the lower right 仕掛 = Shi-Kake = Ploy From Kido, June 1975 An ambush (?) in the Meijin League of Otake Hideo 9 dan by Kada Katsuji 9 dan, landed him in the […]

  • The Artistry of Go Board Crafting

    Maezawa Takaoki, along with Kato Kinjiro, working in the shop he runs with his brother The Maezawa Brothers Maintain Professional Standards of Go Board Craftmanship From Kido, January 1979 The Maezawa Go Board Shop is located in Tokyo’s Honkyo Ward, Ikizaka, Itchome. It is right next to Korakuen Park. Maezawa Chotaro is said to have […]

  • Problem 360

    Easily Bungled Life & Death Problems Black to Play Composed by Hidaka Toshiyuki 8 dan and published in the Easily Bungled Life & Death Problems booklet as a supplement to Kidō, April 1995. The Way of Moving Out with the Marked Black Stone *White can put up resistance with a ko.

  • Semi-Professional Go Players in Japan

    Visitors to GoWizardry know that go is the national game of Japan, but they probably do not realize the breadth and depth of the presence of the game in that country. Virtually every city of any metropolitan size has at least one go club, and usually several. I have played in a half a dozen […]

  • Profit and Loss Connected with Ladders

    秀格棋話 [Shukaku Kiwa = Honorary name of Takagawa Kaku, based on the House of Honinbo head name of Shu with the suffix of Kaku; Kiwa = Game Talk] シチョウの損得 [Shicho no Sontoku] Ladders: Loss/Profit 名誉本因坊高川秀格 [Meiyo Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku] Honorary Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku; by tradition, when a player wins the Honinbo title, that player chooses […]

  • A Dramatic Upset

    By Ishigure Ikuro 7 dan "For whatever reason, mistakes in judgment seem to occur when the outlook in the game is good." From Kido, July 1972 Black to Play Black has the Advantage in the Board Position Basic Board Position It is said that it is difficult to win a won game of go. And […]

  • Minor Dramatic Moments During Tournament Games

    Artist: Shinrinjin 花 夜 処 春   Flowers Night Place Spring 落 来 処 眠   Fall Comes Place Sleep 和 風 聞 不   Harmony Wind Hear Not 多 雨 啼 覚   Many Rain Chirping Awaken 少 声 鳥 暁   Few Voice Birds Dawn The poem is read from right to left, […]


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