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  • The Big Game: Frankly Speaking

    Yomiuri Newspaper Ad Back Cover of Kido, October 1978 Artist: 石山弘 Ishiyama Hiro Intense competition among newspapers in Japan led to the Asahi Newspaper outbidding the Yomiuri Newspaper for the rights to the Meijin title in 1975. Consequently, the Yomiuri launched the Kisei title in 1976 as the most prestigious in terms of the cash […]

  • Specially Selected Game

    不老長春 満年可契 “Ageless, Long Spring, 10,000 Year, Good Pledge” Cover of Kido, November 1978 Artist: Shinrinjin Over the years I spent a lot of time with the late Abe Yoshiteru, both in the United States and in Japan. I probably played twenty or so games against him with a three stone handicap and only won […]

  • New Go Book Published!

    This week, I published a new go book entitled, “Go on the Go Collection: Volume 1” and containing three brief works by famous authors. Those are “Essential Stones and Exquisite Sabaki” by Fujisawa Shuko, “Winning Midair Battles” by Awaji Shuzo 9 dan and “Real Professional Find the Next Move” by O Meien 9 dan. Here […]

  • Takemiya Style

    飛瀑 “Grand Waterfall” Cover of Kido, April 1979 Artist: Shinrinjin Large territorial framework [omoyo] strategy is unrivalled in its grandeur. At first, one’s feeling is good, but carrying it through to a win is difficult. A solid conception and firmness in thoroughly following up with the proper direction of the stones is necessary. Please take […]

  • Examining Go Styles

    寒月 “Wintery Moon” Cover of Kido, December 1981 This beautiful scene seems to be of the Five Story Pagoda at Kiyomizu-Dera in Kyoto. However, the notes given by the artist, Mikami Masatoshi, indicate that the city is Nara. The professional go player profiled in the following article is Fujisawa Hosai, who is not well known […]

  • Timeless

    微蔭 新林人 “Small Shadow” Shinrinjin (Artist) Cover of Kido, June 1975 I had an unusual experience today. I was paying for a purchase at a store when a song came over the speaker system. I asked the cashier if he knew who the singer was. He listened for a moment, then said that he did […]

  • Specially Selected Game

    さと可しま やまハかすみの まゆひきて ゆうひまはゆき はるのうなハら 新林人 (佐渡が島 山は霞の 黛ひきて 夕日まばゆき 春の海原) “Sado Island Mountain Mist Blue-Black Tinged Setting Sun Dazzling Wide Open Sea in Spring” 新林人 = Shinrinjin (Artist) Cover of Kido, March 1976 The olden Japanese is rendered above and the “translation” into modern Japanese given in parentheses. My translation in English is below […]

  • The American Go World

    「風薫る」 “Fragrant Wind” Cover of Kido, May 1981 Artist: 三上正寿 Mikami Masatoshi Ayame [Japanese Iris] Garden was planted in olden times, and today it is in the Meiji Jingu Shrine, central Tokyo. In advance of my going to Japan shortly, I have been translating a lot of material for GoWizardry so as to make sure […]

  • A New Year’s Special Game

    不老長春 “No Age, Long Spring” Kido, January 1977 Perhaps not many visitors to GoWizardry know the name of Ezaki Masanori. However, he made great contributions to the go world through his written work. In my library there are two of his books, biographies of Sakata Eio which I received from the great Sakata himself, with […]

  • Secret Moves Revealed: Young Professional Players Debate

    Here is the original first page of the following article, showing the format. In the photograph, Kato is on the left, Cho in the middle and Kobayashi on the right. Note that they all belonged to the Kitani Dojo and often analyzed positions like this together. Kido magazine thought that readers might like to sit […]



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