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  • How to Get Strong at Go: A Personal Approach

    There is a player in my Japanese go club, the South Bay Ki-in, located in the New Gardena Hotel, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247; (310) 327-5757, who has been trying to graduate from the kyu ranks to shodan for several years. He has done everything that he can think of. He goes […]

  • Well-Rounded Reading

    I have been working with a Tokyo business consultant to market a product in Japan. It is a machine tool invented by an American engineer that has great promise for Japanese sales. The Japanese are great innovators and this product will help them create new automotive and other manufactured items. However, the consultant has his […]

  • Young Lions of the Past

    From the March 1974 issue of Kidō magazine What kind of feeling is conveyed by the images here? Any idea what they represent? Or how they fit into the pages of the magazine they were printed in? To answer the last question first, they are taken from an ad for Pioneer audio systems! Most of […]

  • Mane-Go

    早乙女や朝澄む小田の水かゝみ        蕪村 Saotome ya sumu oda no mizu kagami      Buson Rice planting girl! The mirror of the water of the clear rice paddy Artist: 深林人 Shinrinjin Kido, July 1974 Yosa Buson (与謝蕪村 1719-1783) appeared on the cultural scene (as both a poet and artist) after the great Matsuo Basho (松尾芭蕉 1644-1694) had passed away and […]

  • Sakata, Brimming with Fighting Spirit, Plays a Robust Game

    蓬莱暁色 [Horai Gyoshoku = Horai Scene at Dawn] Horai Mountain is an imaginary place in the "Eastern Sea" where Chinese hermits live. From Kido, January 1973 Hashimoto Utaro (1907-1994) was a student of Kubomatsu Katsukiyo and then Segoe Kensaku, visiting China in 1928 where he played Go Seigen, which led to Go’s coming to Japan […]

  • Becoming a Professional Go Player

    A few weeks ago, I got a text message from a friend who was playing go at the Royal Cup Cafe in Long Beach. Every Tuesday evening, from around 5:00 to 9:00 pm, he acts as the host of a go group there, welcoming all comers. For the most part, those are beginners or people […]

  • Getting Stronger: Various Thoughts

    秀格棋話 [Shukaku Kiwa = Honorary name of Takagawa Kaku, based on the Honinbo school head name of Shu with the suffix of Kaku; Kiwa = Game Talk] 上達法あれこれ [Jotatsu-ho Arekore] Improvement Methods That/This 名誉本因坊高川秀格 [Meiyo Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku] Honorary Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku; by tradition, when a player wins the Honinbo title, that player chooses a […]

  • Analyzing Joseki

    菖蒲 [Ayame = Japanese Iris] 一簾疎間枕箪涼 [Ichiren sokan chintan suzushi] Matting isolated hedge coolness Cover of Kido, May 1977 At my Japanese go club, the South Bay Ki-in, located in the New Gardena Hotel, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247, (310) 327-5757, it is always interesting to see the kinds of positions that […]

  • After the Second Move, It’s Owa

    “Inu mo Arukeba…” By Abe Yoshiteru 8 dan from Kido, March 1975 In the Year of the Dog, it is perhaps fitting that this article be disseminated since the subtitle means “If even a dog (inu) walks…” The rest of the proverb goes “…bō ni ataru," (that is, “a rod will be met with.”) When […]

  • The Satiric Touch Applied to Go

    From the July 1973 issue of Kidō magazine Murasaki Shikibu wrote the world’s first novel in the 11th century, The Tale of Genji ["Genji Monogatari" = 源氏物語], and since then others have produced literary works just as fascinating. One of the great cultural pleasures that the Japanese language provides is in the realm of poetry, […]


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