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  • When I Get Lazy

    Sometimes a writer just doesn’t feel like writing. The ideas somehow don’t seem to flow. At times like that, I reach into my bag of tricks and find something that everyone will enjoy and never fault me for presenting. Here is one of them. From Kidō, July 1973 Go Senryū 碁川柳 Is the reader familiar […]

  • Japanese Superstars

    Nakama Yukie is a Top Star in the Entertainment Industry As I have explained many times here, everything in America is reflected in Japan. That is because of the close working relationship that has developed between the two countries after the Second World War. Japan failed terribly during that war, and wished to follow the […]

  • Japanese Diligence

    The sober approach that Japan took toward the Coronavirus limited its severity I came to the United States a week ago on business. I should have expected the obsessive focus on the Coronavirus in the country but I did not. Although I was surprised, the reason that I should have expected it is because there […]

  • Misunderstandings About the Japanese Language and Culture

    A Famous Torii in the Inland Sea of Japan It makes me angry to hear people spouting nonsense about Japanese matters they know nothing about. It is said that ignorance is bliss, but when broadcasting to millions, a sense of responsibility in regards to the facts should be paramount. Otherwise, why take the job to […]

  • Japan Gets Even More Serious about the Coronavirus

    Takarazuka Musical Theater Troupe Features All Women Players The Japanese government has asked for the sequestering at home (自粛= jishuku) of everyone in the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This has forced almost everybody to stay isolated with minimal contact with the outside world. I am complying with this directive. I go out to […]

  • 49th Annual Honinbo Title Match, Game 7

    Cho Chikun, Honinbo W: Kataoka Satoshi 9 dan B: Cho Chikun, Honinbo Played on July 21 & 22, 1994 at Ibaraki. 240 moves. Black wins by 3 1/2 pts. Commentary by Cho Chikun, Honinbo in KIDO, Sept. 1994. Those interested in viewing the original article in Japanese can click here to do so. Figure 1 […]

  • Oddities of Japanese Television

    Horan Chiaki is a news anchor on Television Tokyo The Coronavirus has shut down just about everything in Tokyo. The government has urged that everyone stay home and avoid contact with others in groups. Consequently, I have spent the last few days just watching television. I have found quite a few oddities there while doing […]

  • Who Knows What is Right? But What is Wrong is Clear…

    Temporary Coronavirus wards erected in Manhattan’s Central Park The Coronavirus is spreading far and wide throughout the globe. It is not clear what the best way to deal with it is, but it is obvious that some things that are being done are just plain wrong. Number one on that list is the way the […]

  • Championship Sunday

    Iyama defeats Ichiriki to win the 67th NHK Cup This past Sunday, March 22, two championships were decided in Japan. One was in the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament held in Osaka, and the other was in the NHK lightning go tournament, which took place at the studios of NHK, the national broadcasting company of Japan, […]

  • Japan and America: More Alike Than Different

    Japanese Diet Member Renho I was having lunch the other day in a neighborhood restaurant here in Tokyo when a couple of older women came in and sat down at a table not far away from me. They were speaking loudly, so I could hear every word they were saying. The conversation was not interesting […]


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