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  • A Potpourri of Go Positions

    花咲翁 「棋道」の表紙 横尾森林人 = Kido no Hyoshi = Kido Cover = "Hanasaki Okina" = "Blooming Flower Old Man" The late Abe Yoshiteru 9 dan (September 28, 1941~July 3, 2000) was renowned as a studious player who tried to be present in as many venues as serious games of go were played, either by professionals or […]

  • Edo Town Go Club

    Edo Town Go Club 江戸町碁会所 = "Edo machi Gokaisho"; Edo is the olden name for Tokyo; tagging "machi" = "town" on the end means that it is a small section within the larger metropolis; "gokaisho" is the normal term for "go club"; "作 谷いくお" = "Saku Tani Ikuo" = "Saku" means "Work" or "Piece" and […]

  • This is the Vital Point

    By Okubo Ichigen 9 dan From Kido May 1969 An Essay on How to Become Strong Model 1 Black to Play Okubo: Model 1. The eye should be struck by the exchange of the marked White stone for the marked Black stone. With this done, White wedges between Black’s stones with 1. It seems that […]

  • Trick Plays

    I suppose that there are few go players in the West who are familiar with the name of Maeda Nobuaki. This is a shame, because he was an important figure in the history of the game. Maeda Nobuaki (November 22, 1907~July 3, 1975) became a student of Honinbo Shusai Meijin at the age of 16, […]

  • Secrets of Professional Reading Revealed

    By Takemiya Masaki 6 dan From Kido February 1972 Positions I Agonized Over in this Game Game Progress Figure 1 (1-30) Those interested in replaying the game move by move can click here to do so. The overly large knight’s move fencing-in move of Black 11 is a ploy I used to initiate immediate sharp […]

  • Regarding Thickness

    秀格棋話 [Shukaku Kiwa = Honorary name of Takagawa Kaku, based on the House of Honinbo head name of Shu with the suffix of Kaku; Kiwa = Game Talk] 厚みについて [Atsumi ni Tsuite] Regarding Thickness 名誉本因坊高川秀格 [Meiyo Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku] Honorary Honinbo Takagawa Shukaku; by tradition, when a player wins the Honinbo title, that player chooses […]

  • Secrets of Professional Reading Revealed

    By Kudo Norio 8 dan From Kido March 1972 Positions I Agonized Over in this Game Game Progress Figure 1 (1-44) Those interested in replaying the game move by move can click here to do so. Through White 44, this was a masterful display of moving around the board by Fujisawa Shuko, the former Meijin, […]

  • The Difference Between Professionals and Amateurs

    By Oka Mitsuo 5 dan From Kido May 1972 Random Thoughts Photograph of Oka Mitsuo 5 dan from the issue of Kido from which this article was translated Oka Mitsuo 5 dan was the winner of the 2nd Annual Amateur Honinbo Tournament in 1956, and then in 1962 at the age of 30 he turned […]

  • Large Territorial Framework [Moyo] Strategy

    Photograph of the author taken for a profile of him in the same issue of Kido Takemiya Masaki 7 dan From Kido February 1975 Takemiya Style For amateur players, large territorial frameworks [moyo] are one of the things in go that are hard to master. Even when they embark on setting them up, their structure […]

  • “Thoughts” About the Game

    [犬も歩けば = Inu mo arukeba = Dog even goes walking; this is actually short for: 犬も歩けば棒に当たる = Inu mo arukeba bo ni ataru = Dog even goes walking bar into contact; the meaning is: If a dog goes walking, it will find a bone; however, “bo ni ataru” literally means “come in contact with a […]


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