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The Artistry of Go Board Crafting

22 June 2018

Maezawa Takaoki, along with Kato Kinjiro, working in the shop he runs with his brother The Maezawa Brothers Maintain Professional Standards of Go Board Craftmanship From Kido, January 1979 The Maezawa Go Board Shop is located in Tokyo’s Honkyo Ward, Ikizaka, Itchome. It is right next to Korakuen Park. Maezawa Chotaro is said to have […]

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Go on the Go Collection: Volume I

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Go For Everyone

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Journey to the West

This is a semi-autobiographical novel that depicts a unique American success story; a rags to riches tale of a man escaping his humble origins to make millions of dollars, but then he throws it all away due to the ancient character flaw of hubris.

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