The True Cost of Analysis


This week a potential client asked for a quote regarding several pages of material written in Japanese that required translation into English. After responding with a per word quote, I was annoyed to be asked for a dollar figure. This only means one of two things: the person making the…

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The Next Step


Take a look at the cover of the go magazine here. It is Igo, which is formally the word for go in Japan. It is subtitled, “The magazine that promises a significant increase in playing strength.” This is quite an interesting publication. But before getting into that, the watercolor that…

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Taking Go Seriously


A friend rented a condominium in Maui for a couple of weeks this month and was surprised to see a picture hung on a wall that featured go. Considering how many Japanese people vacation in Hawaii, that is not all that unusual. But it also shows how ubiquitous the game…

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